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Once you gather your key thinkers for a conference, retreat or meeting, you want to make sure to maximize the value of your time together. As a graphic facilitator I help you do that.

Graphic facilitation is large-scale visual note-taking done in real time at your event or meeting. Your group’s thoughts, ideas and content from presentations are captured on inspiring wall-size charts using words and pictures. The result is an engaging, powerful visual record of your event that can be shared with stakeholders and customers during and after the meeting to keep the conversation alive and moving forward.

Are you planning a meeting, conference or special event?

When to use Graphic Facilitation:

Strategic Visioning and  Brainstorming

Graphic facilitation enables groups to do their best thinking. 

Whether it’s strategy development, a brand Identity workshop, a cultural transformation session or anything in between, once you’ve gathered your key people, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your best thinkers.

When people can see their ideas captured real-time, unfolding visually for everyone to engage with, they more rapidly develop deeper understanding and insight. This leads to better decisions and the most efficient use of the group’s time.

I can partner with a facilitator and do the graphic capture, or I can wear both hats, and be the facilitator and also do the graphic capture.

Here are some benefits of graphic facilitation.


Conference-goers love graphic facilitation.  They know that all the content is being captured and will be available to spark their memory later.  This helps them be more present and participate fully in the moment.

Graphic facilitation at conferences increases engagement, helps people stay focused and provides a shareable document to keep the conversation alive after the event. And adds a “WOW” factor!

Speakers and Panels

When you have a great keynote or a panel of experts,  get the most out of their presentation by capturing their content in a visual record.

You can give the charts to your speakers and presenters as a thank you, and to your participants as a reminder of what they learned.

Trade Shows

What if you had a fun, creative way to interact with your clients and  prospects and gather key information from them at the same time?  You can use graphic facilitation to prompt conversations on key questions.  One way to do this is with a Graffiti Wall.  Another engaging way is to interview your clients and have their ideas graphically illustrated.  They feel listened to, and they enjoy seeing their ideas take

shape.  If done as posters, the results can be given to them as gifts.

Pitching Session

Next time you go to pitch your ideas to a potential client, consider graphic facilitation instead of PowerPoint.  Your client’s ideas and feedback get captured real-time, and you demonstrate your commitment to listening, to relationship and to trying new approaches.

Gathering Community Input

Nothing works better than graphic facilitation for a group to know that their ideas are important and that they are being heard.  If you are gathering input from your community, you can use graphic facilitation to capture the conversation and create a group document so that everyone can see their idea becoming part of the public record.

Digital Graphic Recording

Graphics can be created digitally. I can create graphics digitally and have them projected on the larger screen for your audience to see.

Graphic facilitation also works great with virtual meetings. I create visuals on my tablet and use the screen sharing function of the web meeting service.  Typically you begin showing your slides and setting context for the meeting, and when we get to the discussion, my screen is presented and everyone can see the graphics unfold as the conversation is captured.


Do you have a message to communicate?

Your message is only effective if it is remembered!  Visual communication helps you engage and retain your audience.   We help you visualize your core messages so your vision and ideas stay alive. You can use the power of visuals in an infographic illustration or story chart to:

  • Communicate your vision, strategy, mission, and values to keep everyone in your organization aligned behind key principles.
  • Tell your story and promote engagement and understanding of your message.
  • After key meetings, summarize central ideas for moving ahead.
  • Simplify complex information in an easy to understand format
  • Create compelling visual presentation materials

Do you have a message to communicate ?

When to use Communication Graphics:


Story Charts – Tell your story with visuals

Mission, Vision, Strategy Chart – Everyone knows your strategy is only as good as your execution, and the first step there is making sure everyone knows what the strategy is.  You can use visuals to tell the story of your mission, vision, strategy and values so that everyone is aligned and engaged.

Summary Charts

Summarize your main messages from a conference or meeting on a one-page visual

Explaining Your Product or Service

Use a visual to educate others about what you offer.


Want to do something different for your next big presentation?

Try using engaging visuals that summarize your main ideas in simple, compelling graphics that people remember.

Here’s a link to a Prezi to give you some ideas.

Infographics and Illustrations

Whatever your message is, expressing it in words and pictures together will give it legs – people will remember it and interact with your material more.

Meeting Reports

Adding graphics to your Meeting Reports makes them more engaging and memorable.



Bring Your Message to  Life!

You can use animated graphic videos to:

  • Communicate your vision, strategy, mission, and values to keep your organization aligned behind key principles.
  • Tell your story and promote engagement and understanding of your message
  • Summarize central ideas for moving ahead
  • Simplify complex information in an easy to understand format

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