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At Chart Magic we use the power of visual communication and graphic facilitation to boost your group’s learning, productivity and engagement.

We create graphics that capture key ideas in colorful, engaging visual displays, either in the moment, real-time, at your event, or in the studio to communicate your message.

You can  use the power of visual imagery to make your meetings more effective and memorable, and to tell your story so that people get it and remember.

You should know how spectacularly effective Paula Hansen was at the Rancho Cordova retreat with the Mayor, City Council, Planning Commission, City Manager and key staff. Her graphics relentlessly followed the core content thread of the dialogue, added a strongly aesthetic coherence to the retreat, and helped the people follow and stay engaged in the process. Her work both as a graphic recorder and as a presence at the retreat added value in great measure. I am grateful for having had her as a partner in this project and look forward to opportunities to work with her again.

Mayan Baker Consultant and Facilitator San Francisco, CA


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Paula Hansen is a graphic recorder and graphic facilitator who provides graphic facilitation and graphic recording, also known as scribing,  visual notetaking and visual facilitation.  She is also an illustrator who creates illustrations, animated videos, infographics, and storymaps. She serves in California and the greater New York area.